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A Thief in the Night! Why the Next Stock Crash is Inevitable and What You Can Do About It
October 20, 2012 Bruce M. Weide

WALL STREET JOURNAL REPORTS - The International Monetary Fund pronounces, (despite their best efforts) that the world needs to brace for ANOTHER soon-to-come recession! WHAT? Haven't the Central Banks of the world committed to printing enough fiat money to keep us all out of this abyss? No! In fact, the WSJ report actually enlarges on the fact that it was the very fixes by Central Banks (ECB, U.S. Fed Reserve, Bank of Japan, etc) that have exacerbated the coming Recession, and complicated any potential to offset it like the last time. This show features and extensive interview with N.Y. Times best-selling author and economist, Harry S. Dent, and also examines the foretelling specter of "Ghost Cities" in China. For Los Angeles area listeners, you will learn about a great opportunity from Straight Talk Wealth Radio to participate in our local rendition of Harry Dent's Demographic School presented by Host Bruce Weide.

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