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Why NOT Gold? Broadcast Episode for KRLA
August 19, 2012 Bruce M. Weide
Clearly, the world's sovereign governments are either bursting with debt now, or they are frantically absorbing the debt liabilities of their private sectors, or even other countries. Understandably, mindful people are today speculating what could happen if major European countries, and yes...the US eventually simply can not pay their debt obligations and the World goes BANKRUPT! The most common answer you hear today, "Buy gold & silver because monetary denominations will be come meaningless in the face of hyperinflation." Straight Talk Wealth Radio Host, Bruce Weide, doesn't disagree with the distinct possibility of the premise, and in this show he goes on a search to find out if there is any reason at all to not buy into the proposed solution. IS Gold the ultimate answer? What are the different possible scenarios that could play out when the world goes broke? For this show, Bruce obtained an exclusive interview with economist and N.Y. Times best-selling author of "The Great Crash Ahead". Harry S. Dent, and together they explore the possibility of global debt failure and the range of possible outcomes.
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