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Harry S. Dent - Why NOT Gold? Exclusive Interview
August 08, 2012 Bruce M. Weide

We KNOW that governments around the world are over-indebted. We KNOW some very big governments are going to default this decade. So how could the flight to gold NOT be the answer? In this exclusive interview with Straight Talk Wealth Host, Bruce Weide, Mr. Dent discusses the realtionship between $20 trillion in private sector debt that he expoects to burst in the next few years as opposed to approx $2 trillion that the U.S. has "printed" to begin filling the void. Dent declares that this will not only lead to the next big stock marklet crash, but also further losses in real estate, and a repeat of the 2008 scenario where commodities plummeted in price.. What should you be doing instead to protect, preserve and prosper in the coming decade. Get the answers according to Dent in this podcast episode.

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