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The Peak of Globalization and What Happens Next: Exclusive Interview with Harry S. Dent
November 27, 2016 Bruce M. Weide
For decades the world has been marching deeper and deeper into the globalization solution. NAFTA, the Euro, the rise of China,the TPP, etc, etc. But there have been repercussions, from the loss of manufacturing in the US, to the Euromess to clean up the debt-ridden southern European countries by Germany and the other northern European countries. And now, in the mid-twenty teens, the tides are changing back again. Today we see the Brexit, the backlash against immigration, the rejection of the TPP, and astonishing election of Donald J. Trump. Renown economist Harry S. Dent says the world is already retreating from the Peak of Globalization, and in this exclusive interview Mr. Dent discusses with Straight Talk Wealth host, Bruce Weide, how the world will change and what happens next. Also includes remarks of David A. Stockman on Fox Business News.
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