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Bubble, or No Bubble?
April 23, 2016 Bruce M. Weide

After the great setback of 10% in January of 2016, by the end of the first quarter, it seemed liked all of the noise just suddenly stopped. Markets rebounded and didn’t look back. So what happened to the story? What about the “China Bubble”? What about depressed oil prices getting ready to crush banks who loaned the frackers up to $1 trillion that won’t be paid back? What about Europe on the edge of more default? In this episode Host Bruce Weide digs under the surface to find out what the “smart money” is thinking, exploring the recent media appearances of 4 of the most studied, if not successful market forecasters and investors. HARRY S. DENT: Founder of Dent Research, author of The Demographic Cliff, and chief writer for the daily Economy & Markets. DONALD TRUMP: Renown billionaire investor, developer and 2016 Presidential candidate. DAVID STOCKMAN: Outspoken proponent of free markets, Stockman served as Dir. Of the Office of Management and Budget directly under President Ronald Reagan. MARC FABER: Billionaire Swiss investment manager and Editor of the Doom, Boom and Gloom Report.

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