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Nicole Gelinas - Entire Uncut Interview for Podcast Subscribers Only!
August 02, 2015 Bruce M. Weide

Exclusive interview with Senior Fellow at Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, Nicole Gelinas. I recently discovered Ms. Gelinas on a video she produced with Prager University on why governement should not bail out the big banks. 1.) How we got here, markets addicted to government bailouts and stimulus; 2.) Why don't we fear the BOOM? What investors do wrong with risk. 3.) The story of decreasing income and rising debt in Middle Class America. 4.) Where is the trail from Fed money printing to inflated stocks on Wall Street? How they meet up. 5.) Where is the risk in today's banking system?. 6.) Update in Europe and China. 7.) Will things have to get worse before they get better?

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