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The Inevitable GLOBAL Bubble
December 18, 2013 Bruce M. Weide

Despite historically unprecedented money printing, the real US economy remains sluggish and deflationary. However, stocks are great! IS there a stock bubble today, that is by and large stimulus driven? Based on this uncertain outcome, the rest of the world has written it's playbook as well. Will the Central Banks of the world save economic life as we know it on Earth, or destroy our globalized system in a catastrophic crash by the end of this decade? Weighing in this week: David Stockman, former Budget Director for the Reagan Administration and author of The Great Deformation, and Contrarian economist and demographer, Harry S. Dent, author of the upcoming book The Demographic Cliff. This show ends with a stunning inside report from CBS 60 Minutes on the Great China Real Estate Bubble, poised to become the greatest economic catastrophe we will see in our life time. Put on your seat belt, and learn how to Protect your wealth, Prepare, and Prosper in the coming Decade of More-Change-to-Come in the world.

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