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There IS a Crystal Ball! - Japan, China, and the Asian Demographic Cliff
November 10, 2013 Bruce M. Weide

Did you know Japan also had a Baby Boom? It just happened to be about 20 years ahead of us. Remember when Japan was supposedly going to be buying all of California in the late 1980's? What happened? Why did their economy retreat on the world stage? You've heard Bruce declare it before. DEMOGRAPHICS! Today, Japan produces 1.4 children for every couple. It's population is literally shrinking! In this episode Bruce takes you inside emptying villages in Japan and demonstrates the connection of economic slowdowns to slowdowns in good ole baby-making. He then raises the next logical question, "Isn't China next?" and asks how a Chinese slowdown will effect the global economy when it turns out not to be the big global engine we were all expecting.

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